Examples of Architectures

In-WAN Architecture
With the In-WAN Architecture, UnveilTech AppShaperBox is used as the main getaway of your router.
In-LAN Architecture
With the In-LAN Architecture, you use Mikrotik Route and Mangle/Ports to manage traffic to UnveilTech AppShaperBox.
    Mangle "ASB - Mark Routing - TCP":
  • chain=prerouting action=mark-routing new-routing-mark=route-asb passthrough=no protocol=tcp dst-port=80-1024 log=no log-prefix="
    Route "ASB":
  • dst-address= gateway= gateway-status= reachable via ether-asb check-gateway=ping distance=1 scope=30 target-scope=10 routing-mark=route-asb