Helpful Tricks

Can I analyze all my traffic with UnveilTech AppShaperBox ?
Yes, you can route all your traffic to UnveilTech AppShaperBox, the only limit is the hardware you will use. You only have to use the right Network Interfaces to handle all your traffic. If your traffic is 500Mbps you must use 1Gbps NICs, if 1+Gbps you must use 10Gbps NICs.
Does it make sense to enable applications YouTube and SSL ?
No, it does not make sense to use YouTube or Facebook or anyelse SSL (https) applications with SSL because application SSL already includes YouTube, Facebook, etc...
SSL application is 1st priority with UnveilTech AppShaperBox, applications using SSL will not appear in the web console and will not be shaped.
Can I apply Traffic Shaping with YouTube ?
Since January 2015, YouTube provides videos with Adaptive Bitrate (ABR). It means the YouTube player adapts the video resolution according to the available bandwidth.
By default YouTube starts new videos in 360p or uses the resolution of the latest video you played. You can apply Traffic Shaping with YouTube because the YouTube player will swap to the correct resolution.
My router is a Mikrotik, is UnveilTech AppShaperBox compatible ?
Yes. UnveilTech AppShaperBox is not related to a special router model, you can use Mikrotik, Cisco or anyelse router.
I have many Mikrotik routers in my LAN, can I plug them to UnveilTech AppShaperBox ?
Yes if you have NICs enough on the hardware but only 1 NIC can be used on the WAN side.
Example: your hardware is 6 NICs, you can use 5 NICs on the LAN side and 1 NIC to the WAN side.
What is the disk space consumed by UnveilTech AppShaperBox ?
UnveilTech AppShaperBox uses around 1.5 GB disk space with 100Mbps traffic. It will be at least 15 GB disk space with 1Gbps traffic.
Does UnveilTech AppShaperBox able to work in Bridge mode ?
Yes, you can use UnveilTech AppShaperBox in Bridge mode, all NICs will join the Bridge and you will have a single IP/Gateway Address.
Can I cache my traffic with UnveilTech AppShaperBox ?
No, UnveilTech AppShaperBox is a Shaping solution, not a caching product.
UnveilTech AppShaperBox can distinguish and identify cloud applications in order to efficiently control and manage network traffics through your own rules to match your network priorities.
An application is missing in the list, how can I add it ?
You cannot add it by yourselves but you can contact us, we will check to add it then we will deploy it to all servers.
I need to limit bandwidth with WindowsUpdate, what Apps do I have to select ?
You should select "Microsoft" and "WindowsUpdate" to cover all Windows versions.